La Marzocco Celebration of Signature Beverages
I have been creating this *Celebration of SigBevs* illustration series every month, and for my June illustration I had the honor of spending the Juneteenth holiday creating a visual rendition of “An Ode to John Dabney” - a Coffee Mint Julep by Atlanta’s Gilly Brew Bar. Gilly is known for their inventive and inspired coffee elixirs, and served their Ode at a Juneteenth Popup.

Gilly Brew Bar created this elixir for John Dabney - an African-American bartender who was known as one of “The Great Julep Makers of the South.” Dabney used his earnings and the reputation he had built with influential white acquaintances to purchase freedom from slavery, for himself and his wife, in the 1850’s. When Gilly’s owner, Daniel, told me about the story behind this drink, I was utterly floored. For inspiration, I did some further research on John Dabney & I also found some imagery of 1850’s bartender tools that I could incorporate into the art.

*This project was also extra special for me, as an ATLien & ATL coffee alum #FILA 😭
*Photo by Gary Fortner
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