La Marzocco Celebration of Signature Beverages
For the September Celebration of SigBevs we are truly celebrating one of our longtime favorite drinks at La Marzocco: The Tuscan Sunrise.

Originally developed and perfected by La Marzocco staff, the delicious Tuscan Sunrise has been served in many capacities over the years in our offices, our homes, and our events. Paying homage to our company’s Italian heritage, the Tuscan Sunrise is a velvety drink with flavors that remind us of a crisp morning in the hills of Scarperia. This espresso-based drink is sweet and complex, utilizing a “Peacemaker Syrup” that combines black tea, clove, orange juice, cinnamon, and orange blossom water. We like to use Linea Caffe for espresso, but you can use any coffee you like.

*Photo by Jenn Callender
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