I designed and built the La Marzocco USA Product Collections between 2021-2023. These 48-54 page books are provided to the La Marzocco espresso machine reseller network in the USA as a sales resource, showcasing a complete product catalog of machines, accessories, technical specs, and a snapshot of the history of La Marzocco - a heritage company founded in Florence, Italy in 1927.

To build these Product Collections, I collected provided content from the La Marzocco offices in Italy and the US branch. I developed the character and layout styles, color palettes, and found countless opportunities to re-illustrate icon for style consistency and repair outdated or incoherent diagrams.
Above Center: Photography by Anthony Barlich for La Marzocco (Orkenoy, Chicago, IL)
Above Right: Photography provided by La Marzocco Germany
Below: Photography by Elizabeth Chai (Little Owl Coffee, Denver, CO)
Above Left: Photography by Elizabeth Chai (Humphreys Street Coffee Shop, Nashville, TN)
Above Right: Photography by Elizabeth Chai for Swiss Water (Keeper Coffee, Portland, OR)
To provide an elegant experience between sales and potential customers, I built the La Marzocco USA Product Collection in a compact 8x10" format that could easily fit into swag tote bags given as gifts at trade shows.

Each Product Collection has a pocket in the back cover with space to hold a business card, and individual Product Sheets which detail full machine specifications. These 2-sided Product Sheets were sized to fit both in this pocket, as well as in display stands at events. Sales associates are encouraged to place Product Sheets for equipment their customer found interest in, as well as their business card to maintain contact with the customer.
I am driven to produce work that has minimal impact on the environment, so I sought papers and printing methods with this in mind. I worked closely with Hemlock Printers (Vancouver, Canada) to source the ideal papers which were FSC Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Hemlock offers carbon-neutral and hydro-powered printing with UV and LED inks. 
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