In April of 2023, I was contracted by Vancouver, Washington based coffee roaster, KafieX — to build a one-of-a-kind coffee tasting experience to place in the hands of the team responsible for serving coffee at SpaceX headquarters.

KafieX is owned by Seidy Selivanow (2023 U.S. Barista Championship semifinalist) and Matthew Selivanow (2023 U.S. Roasting Competition finalist). This power-duo have also collected innumerable Vancouver Cold Brew Competition, Golden Bean, and roasting awards while maintaining two high-volume cafes in Vancouver!

Seidy and Matthew offered me the opportunity to display full creative freedom in presenting a memorable and display box for the delivery of this special flight of unique, renowned, and hard-to-find coffees served in KafieX cafes.

With the encouragement of KafieX I illustrated a "Constellation of Flavors" with each of 9 coffees representing a planet in our solar system, and circling the centerpoint "sun" which contained an award-winning Cup of Excellence Mexico #2.

Professional coffee tasting, or "cupping" is served in cupping bowls which were included in this package, along with a matte black cupping spoon for the recipients to use in tasting.
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