Linea Classic S Social Media Launch Campaign
After three decades of La Marzocco's Linea Classic, an updated model was released, and a campaign was built to design fanfare around the launch date. The Linea Classic machine has been so beloved and reliable over its many years, it would be crucial to let the user know the machine wouldn't be changing - only showcasing improvements.

The La Marzocco USA Marketing team developed a collection of language designed to remind baristas, espresso techs, and cafe owners about the qualities of the machine they know and love.

This social campaign was released over a 4-day span, with all panels forming a timeline to cover the machine's PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. Each day consisted of a multi-panel carousel "swipe through" retelling history, asserting the best features of the Linea Classic, and highlighting the improvements made.

This campaign branding was inspired by the classic, Swiss style campaign branding provided by La Marzocco's Italian Headquarters. Assets were drawn from provided photos, as well as developed in-house to fit the theme.
Launch Day 1: Introducing Linea Classic S
Launch Day 2: THE PAST
classic • iconic • familiar
Launch Day 3: THE PRESENT
consistent • trusted • workhorse
Launch Day 3: THE FUTURE
timeless • reliable • classic
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