A quick, little fun project I did for a Portland TNT ("Thursday Night Throwdown" = community latte art competition, usually hosted monthly in various cities worldwide)

I chose this theme, of a vintage Dutch tea towel, because the host of the TNT was Prince Coffee — a Dutch coffeeshop, which sells traditional Dutch stroopwafels. The kitchenwares you see illustrated are vintage-styled renditions of barista tools such as a portafilter, tamper, coffee grinder, kettle (to pour the latte art) and "tulips" in the cup. Tulips are a style of latte art.

I decided to avoid using a traditional Dutch red-blue-yellow color palette, because it has similarities to the branding of a cheaper, lower-end regional coffee chain called Dutch Brothers. I was delighted to find that the finished piece had a similar feel (warm fuzzies) to a Miffy illustration. 

I had a lot of requests to print the illustration on real tea towels, so I printed digitally on Cotton-Linen, through Spoonflower, and sewed the edges to make real tea towels which I sold at the event. 
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