La Marzocco Celebration of Signature Beverages
One of the amazing things about working for an Italian company is that I have learned about all sorts of wonderful Italian food and drink. For this month’s La Marzocco USA Celebration of Signature Beverages post I illustrated a drink created in Torino, Italy that is served at Caffè Umbria (an Italian style coffee roaster based in the U.S.) — my friend Antonio who works at Caffè Umbria also introduced me to panettone a few Christmases ago and now it’s *my favorite holiday treat* (I am already on my 3rd panettone this month, diet starts Jan 1st!) so of course the iconic panettone box with ribbon top appears in this illustration.

I got to illustrate the Bicerin (“bee-cheh-reen”), and today I got to try it. It tastes like melted chocolate ice cream, and it is absurdly decadent and silky and wonderful. I highly recommend it if you’re in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, or Miami. Or Torino.

Bicerin is the Signature Beverage of the snowy town of Torino, Italy — but you can indulge in this festive, traditional drink in the U.S. at Italian roaster, Caffè Umbria (with locations in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Miami). Known for its distinct layered presentation in a stemmed wine glass, the decadent Bicerin is made with Caffè Umbria’s Gusto Crema espresso, cioccolata calda (hot chocolate) using pure Pernigotti Cocoa, and a smooth, chilled cream top, dusted with cinnamon. Enjoy it with a slice of panettone, another delicious Italian holiday tradition.
*photo by Elizabeth Chai
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