When La Marzocco, the Italian espresso machine maker, launched a luxury sub-brand to produce fully artisan, customized, limited edition espresso machines, I was tasked with a project to place a brochure in the hands of those new to the idea.

Knowing the audience of Officine Fratelli Bambi would be drastically different from the traditional blue collar La Marzocco customer, I utilized beautiful film photography by Sven Hoffman taken in the OFB factory to present a more austere look.

I chose a square format tri-fold brochure that would unfurl to reveal dramatic detail shots of these luxury machines being built, and a full explanation of the unique offering of this special sub-brand — to prevent confusion between existing customers and those with the means to invest in a unique, one-of-a-kind espresso machine for their collection.
photos by Sven Hoffman for La Marzocco
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