La Marzocco Celebration of Signature Beverages
La Marzocco USA Celebration of SigBevs: The One & One

According to specialty coffee legend, this espresso drink concept was born 11 years ago at the 2010 U.S. Barista Championship semifinals when Jared Truby ran out of saucers while serving his competition coffee to spectators — in a quick improvisation, Jared Truby split an espresso shot into two demitasse, using one as a macchiato vessel, and balanced them both on a single saucer. The following day Jared and Chris Baca [who would later become his Cat & Cloud Coffee business partner] introduced The One & One to the world on their TruBaca vlog, and it now graces menus in cafes around the world.

The One & One finds its balance in many ways. The macchiato cup sits in the center of the saucer, and its handle creates a stabilizing brace for the espresso cup to lean on. For balance in taste, the single macchiato allows for a similar ratio as a double cappuccino. The One & One is also a useful tool for baristas to optimize dialing-in: being able to taste espresso both neat, and in milk.

The color palette and illustration elements used in this design were inspired by the playfulness and whimsey of Cat & Cloud cafes in Santa Cruz. The caricature cloud and cat each represent the owners (the cloud being Jared Truby, and the cat being Chris Baca).
*Photo by Jenn Callender
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